Just some random things about me!

Ive decided to post a list of 25 of my favorite things so my readers can learn a tid big more about me!:)

  1. CHAPSTICK: love it! although i can rarely keep up with it, its a must all year round! Photobucket
  2. JEANS: I can't live without a good pair of comfy jeans! Photobucket
  3. SUNDRESSES: throwing on one piece of clothing and looking super cute is my kind of outfit! Photobucket
  4. FOOTBALL SEASON: a cool fall night, hot cocoa, sweaters, blankets, , and my UGA dawgs! whats better than that? thats right nothing!:) Photobucket
  5. CHRISTMAS: theres nothing i dislike about Christmas...except for it being over! lights, carroling, family, cinnamon, cookies, hot cocoa..:) Photobucket
  6. FLIP FLOPS: im a southern girl at heart, and because walking around barefoot is TABOO...flip flops are the next best thing! Photobucket
  7. VANILLA LACE (victorias secret): this lotion makes me feel YUMMY! Photobucket
  8. FRENCH MANICURED NAILS: i love getting my nails done. It makes me feel so fresh and put together! Photobucket
  9. MARGARITAS: I used to hate them! But introduced me to this little hole in the wall mexican restaurant...and i fell in love!:) Photobucket
  10. TWILIGHT: Yes ive jumped on the twilight band wagon and lOVE IT! everyone should read this series. THe movied doesnt even touch the book! Photobucket
  11. SOUTHERN PLANTATION HOUSES: think the notebook! White house blue shutters pond in the back, rope swing garden...:) Photobucket
  12. BIG OAK TREES: no reason...i just love em! Photobucket
  13. CAMPING: ever since I was little ive loved camping! every summer every weekend was camping on the lake time! so many great memories! Photobucket
  14. THE NOTEBOOK: Best love story ever! Photobucket
  15. Ribbon: I love all of the colors, textures and pattern it come in! Plus you can use it to decorate or enhance anything!:) Photobucket
  16. BAKING: Im a novice baker but I love it! ...maybe that explains the 10 lb weight gain in the past year.....:) Photobucket
  17. THE BEACH: need i even explain this one? Photobucket
  18. Paint chips a Home Depot: Yes I know..wierd. But ive been known to go to HD just for a little color inspiration! Photobucket
  19. HORSES: beautiful animals. Id love to own one some day Photobucket
  20. CRAFTING: of course! not a day goes by that i dont think of something i can craft of DIY! Photobucket
  21. GETTING "ALL DOLLED: on most days im a jeans and t girl but i love to get dresses up! Photobucket
  22. GREEN: my favorite color! I dont think this color looks bad on anyone! and it looks perfect on these adorable pumps! Photobucket
  23. POLKS DOTS: make me happy! theyre so bubbly! Photobucket
  24. TEAPOTS: we are all entitled to one wierd love...this is mine. Maybe I should start a collection.... Photobucket
  25. EVENT PLANNING: I love doing things for other people! My most recent endeveor is one of my good friends lingerie shower! Pics to come soon! Photobucket

Hopefully you werent bored to death!Enjoy!

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