Can't wait for fall!

How cute are these purple suede pumps!
I bought these yesterday and can't wait to pair them with some dark wash jeans and a snuggly fall sweater! I love payless.com!

AND these will be my next purchase!<3


I think I'm a little obsessive! Ever since me and J decided that we wanted to buy a home I've been completely addicted to decorating shows, magazine, blogs etc! I can't get enough and I'm stockpiling ideas! I can not explain to how ready I am to have a clean, organized, beautiful home! My current living situation is CRAZY! I live 5 days a week with Jake...in a tiny room he rents from a friend and I'm pretty sure we aren't really welcome anymore. ( Just a feeling) and then 2 days a week I'm at my parents house and things are emotionally and literally a mess there! ( that's a whole different post!) so needless to say I'm extremely ready to have OUR home, OUR dishes, OUR kitchen, OUR linens, OUR patio furniture etc etc etc! Here are some of my favorite ideas/inspiration so far!

* I love this adorable island(I'm a sucker for glass doors and open shelving)! the bead board along the bottom of the wall and I am LOVE the FARMHOUSE SINK! and I love that they used darker colors for the counter tops! I love dark granite!

AHHH i love free standing bathtubs like this! a claw footed tub would even better! And this color GREEN is my favorite! This bathroom makes me relax just looking at it!

Ok Ok more pics to come later...I should probably be paying attention in class:)


A sweet southern spritzer!

MMMMMMM....a southern favorite! Who doesnt love sweet tea!? This drink is fantastic!
Southern sweet tea:
1/2 Firefly Sweet Tea Vokda
1/2 Spring water (or seltzer for a little bubbly)
garnish with lemon twist!
this yummy southern spritzer also comes in yummy flavors like peach, mango and lemon!


OH disappointment...

So. I showed Jake the house that i fell in love with! and he thought it was a great house! He said it was the best one i had found so far! I was so excited! I decided that before my class I would swing by the house and take a peek. I drove by and saw....an old woman standing in the yard directing three men from Martinez paint co. as they painted the house the ugliest shade of yellow with dark hunter green shades! UGH I'm so sad! it was perfect! not only is the house off the market but now its UGLY! once again i got my hopes way to high too soon. yes, i teared up a little:( sigh...back to the house hunt.
So. a few months ago me and started looking into BUY OUR FIRST HOME! Im so excited! We want to buy a HUD home and be able to revamp things and make it our own! I love southern plantation houses so If I could find one that resembles that I would be in Heaven! Something about the old southern charm! Anyway! I found this HUD home yesterday! and I love it! I know its a little outdated but I have a few great ideas for this one! I think with a little TLC it could be quite charming!! What do ya think?:)

The back yard has been a little neglected but with a few flowers
and shrubs it could be so cute! plus its fenced! great for RUSTY!

I hate this kitchen! But with the $8000 tax refund I could do alot with the
kitchen and the bathrooms! <3 did i mention the kitchen is my favorite room
of the house?!

Love that the DOUBLE garage is on the side!