I think I'm a little obsessive! Ever since me and J decided that we wanted to buy a home I've been completely addicted to decorating shows, magazine, blogs etc! I can't get enough and I'm stockpiling ideas! I can not explain to how ready I am to have a clean, organized, beautiful home! My current living situation is CRAZY! I live 5 days a week with Jake...in a tiny room he rents from a friend and I'm pretty sure we aren't really welcome anymore. ( Just a feeling) and then 2 days a week I'm at my parents house and things are emotionally and literally a mess there! ( that's a whole different post!) so needless to say I'm extremely ready to have OUR home, OUR dishes, OUR kitchen, OUR linens, OUR patio furniture etc etc etc! Here are some of my favorite ideas/inspiration so far!

* I love this adorable island(I'm a sucker for glass doors and open shelving)! the bead board along the bottom of the wall and I am LOVE the FARMHOUSE SINK! and I love that they used darker colors for the counter tops! I love dark granite!

AHHH i love free standing bathtubs like this! a claw footed tub would even better! And this color GREEN is my favorite! This bathroom makes me relax just looking at it!

Ok Ok more pics to come later...I should probably be paying attention in class:)

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